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New Nando’s campaign lets you roast Nonhle Thema style

Nando's Nonhle

If you’re the kind of person whose remarks are so cutting they leave people bleeding, we have a feeling you might like the new Nando’s campaign.

The campaign features a video spot starring South African socialite Nonhle Thema (think Paris Hilton but with a slightly smaller fortune), renowned for her Twitter tirades [1] (one of which landed her a lawsuit [2]).

In the video, a magic mirror appears to turn the tables on Thema explaining why the food at Nando’s makes it so much cooler than her. The tabloid favourite isn’t floored by the answer though and has her own, typically acerbic, come back.

The campaign site [3] also allows you to send out your own roast to someone you know on Twitter, either by choosing from a pre-selected choice of messages or by writing your own:

“You just got served! If you want a more palatable grilling come to Nando’s for the greatest, most delicious, flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken. And if you want to dish it out, visit www.NonhleRoast.co.za [3] BOOM!”, for instance.

As Thema says, “It’s not a meme, it’s me, me, me!”.