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Obama thanks Twitter for victory, sets retweet record

Obama Four More Years

Four more years. That’s how long US president Barack Obama has been given to implement his policies on America. While Republican contender Mitt Romney took some time to concede defeat, Obama’s official Twitter account thanked people for giving him victory while some states were still being counted.

In the process, Obama set a new retweet record. The “four more years tweet” showing him and first lady Michelle Obama holding each other has so far been retweeted 455 000 times.

On Facebook [5] meanwhile, the same photo is nearing 1.5-million likes.

Twitter also says that this election is the most tweeted about in election history.

Obama has always leveraged social media to his advantage. During his 2008 campaign, and throughout his presidency, he has tweeted extensively and also used the likes of Foursquare on a number of occasions. Earlier this year, he became the first president in US history to take part [8] in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session.

We’re not saying social media got him reelected, but it sure as hell can’t have hurt.