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Look at this Instagram: Nickelback parody with cats & sunsets

You know you’ve made it on the internet when you are the subject of a CollegeHumor parody. Nickelback’s “Photograph” is one those songs that, despite your most fervent wishes, never goes away. Just like sunsets and coffee images on Instagram.

So from one annoying thing to another, the clever guys at CollegeHumor put together a little Nickelback refresher for all the Instagramers filled with original lyrics. The song takes the mickey out of users of the photo-sharing platform and their cliché images of cats, coffee, sunsets and themselves.

Nickelback’s “‘Photograph’ never really went away on the internet — it has a cult following, for better or for worse, so it’s maintained a legacy online,” Sam Reich, president of original content at CollegeHumor Media, told [1] Mashable. “Plus, we’re still not over just how funny that song is.”

The humour site really has outdone itself with this video. Check it out.

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