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Samsung mocks boring businessy BlackBerrys in its new Galaxy ad

Well, the iPeople already had their turn [1]: now I guess it’s time for Samsung to try to convince the BlackBerry fans to make the switch to a Galaxy product. The latest ad from Samsung takes a shot at the more traditional devices from RIM, and shows off how its own products (specifically, the Note II and S III) are better suited for work and play.

Set in a fictional company, the ad aims at destabilising BlackBerry’s foothold in the area it’s been strongest: the enterprise market. Samsung users are shown easily sharing ideas and designs on their phones, and asking the BlackBerry holdouts why they carry around separate devices for home and office and think the outdated models are still perfect for business.

The company makes a point of mentioning its SAFE [2] technology, which is designed to keep work-related data secure, as well as the tap-to-share functionality of NFC, which has also been pushed in the more suggestive ads [3] in its campaign.