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  • Are you already a curator?

    Curation is a hot topic in regard to the internet but curation is nothing new -- most of us do it without even thinking about it. Take a look around your home and you will likely see many curations: Your book shelf is probably a curated collection of your favourite books -- you got rid of the ones you didn't like. Your coffee table or books in your living room. These are likely the books...

  • Drowning out internet noise through human filters

    You may have a friend or two who you can always trust to tell you, with impeccable taste, which new films, albums, gadgets or restaurants are worth your time and money. This information is priceless if you don't have the time or patience to sample everything available to find the good stuff among the many options flooding the market for yourself. This principle is gaining traction in the online space, largely as the result of the rise of social media. Increasingly, internet users are depending on trusted members of their online social networks and media environments to help them...

  • Curation: A proxy for ‘social media’?

    Curation is a hot topic and it's a topic that is being enthusiastically adopted by many in social media -- so much so that curation and social media seem to be beginning to be used interchangeably. Take a look at this post on the BBC College of Journalism blog -- Social media: what's the difference between curation and journalism? The post takes a look at a discussion between journalists on the topic of using video from Libya: "On Friday, 'mainstream' media made a bad mistake when it ran images of fighting in the Libyan town of Zawiyah - Reuters picked up...

  • Curation does not mean broken search

    Much has been written about how search is broken and this is why curation -- in its many forms -- is on the rise (Pearltrees is a client). Paul Kedrosky writing on Infectious Greed: Curation is the New Search is the New Curation "What has happened is that Google's ranking algorithm, like any trading algorithm, has lost its alpha. It no longer has lists to draw and, on its own, it no longer generates the same outperformance -- in part because it is, for practical purposes, reverse-engineered, well-understood and operating in an adaptive content landscape. Search results in many categories are...