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Semantic web

  • The meaning of it all, in XML

    Here's a relatively new web service for publishers and developers that's a different spin on the semantic web. Amplify is mostly a semantic web service, although it tries to differentiate itself from other semantic services by saying it focuses on understanding content rather than classifying content -- which is what the semantic web has been all about up until now. It's an interesting spin on things. As an aside, perhaps you could...

  • How to approach content in the digital age

    The phrase "User Generated Content" (UGC) has always been a troubled notion. At its heart it emphasises a divide between the user and the professional, with the implication that users have their place, and the professionals have theirs. Perhaps the aversion to this phrase stems from the fact that it is so simplistic. It doesn't really capture the diversity of a site's readership or community. The simple fact is: Not all readers are...

  • The semantic web for publishers and bloggers

    The semantic web is often referred to as the "next phase" of the world wide web. It's also sometimes referred to -- perhaps pretentiously -- as "Web 3.0". Wrapped up in this semantic web is an appearance of artificial intelligence as it involves computers "understanding" content (eg: teaching a machine that "Africa" is a continent and that "Barack Obama" is person and politician). Semantic tagging for dummies Adding semantic power to your website content...

  • 10 Future Web Trends to watch

    It's a web 2.0 world these days. I never thought I'd use the term so frequently and freely, but it does encapsulate a new culture and way of doing things on the web. Read/Write Web -- now my favourite website -- has an excellent analysis of what it considers to be the Top 10 Web Trends of the future. Here is the list: 1. Semantic Web 2. Artificial Intelligence 3. Virtual Worlds 4. Mobile 5. Attention Economy 6....

  • Wikipedia: It's impossible, but works

    Did this interview with Intelligence Magazine on Wikipedia... If you want to see the full interview buy the magazine... Intelligence Mag: How valuable do you consider Wikipedia as a reference source? Me: I think Wikipedia is a valuable reference source, but that readers should be on guard when they use Wikipedia material. I would use Wikipedia as a starting point for gathering information on topics, and then move on to other reference...