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Nokia launches N9 — Its only Meego smartphone

Marko Ahtisaari is the head of Nokia’s design unit and the man tasked with presenting the new Nokia N9 to a captivated audience at a glossy launch event. The Minority Report style setting invokes one word, “design”.

The N9 is a device torn between two worlds: Cultural relevance and OS irrelevance. It is a beautiful device, cast in polycarbonate from end to end and finished off with an Active-Matrix OLED screen otherwise known as AMOLED. The user interface is minimalistic to a tee, with the user getting from screen to screen simply by swiping from any edge of the device.

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Pattern recognition
Ahtisaari was eager to push his notion of “patterns”. He describes mobile patterns as interfaces which the user is familiar with. Patterns such as the iPhones iOS and the Blackberry’s OS 7 are “outdated” and “cluttered” according to Ahtisaari. The patterns Nokia is interested in are the Windows 7 Mango Interface and N9.The pattern he is pushing with the N9 is a very clean and simple interface, very much in line with the Nokia X7-00.


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