Take This Lollipop ‘creepily’ captures man stalking you on Facebook

With the requisite eerie music and a shot down an empty corridor, it begins like countless slasher films, the difference is that this time the victim is you.

A Facebook app, Take This Lollipop, is taking the internet by storm by brilliantly distilling the often unacknowledged fears Facebook users have about so much of their personal information being on the web into three minutes.

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Once you (ironically) grant the app access to your information a very well-produced video reminiscent of the Saw films begins. In a grimy, poorly-lit room an unsettling man sits before a computer, and then comes the twist.

The man is not randomly surfing the web, he is browsing your Facebook profile, and not only is he browsing your Facebook profile, he is doing so obsessively, going through your friends, your pictures all with a very disturbed look about him as he does so.

The app, after which has been live for just over a day, has been shared numerous times across social networks. On Twitter, a word which commonly pops up in connection with the app is “creepy”.

The app was created by commercial, interactive, and music video director, Jason Zada.

Zada, as he explained to AdWeek in 2008 when profiled by the trade magazine, “was never a programmer. I always had crazy ideas, and then I would find a group of people who could help make that happen”.

While it may look like the start of a viral campaign for some high-budget Hollywood film, in the fine print to the app, Zada explains it’s “for entertainment purposes only” and promises that it “will not save your information” or “post without your approval”.

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