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Fifty Shades Generator could supply raunchiest Lorem Ipsum ever

If you’ve ever been involved in the building of a website, you will have seen Lorem Ipsum in action, or at least heard of it. For the uninitiated, it’s meaningless placeholder text used by designers until they can actually fill that space with content.

Someone clearly thought that the standard wasn’t raunchy enough though. Inspired by the Fifty Shades trilogy, they launched Fifty Shades Generator, “which generates world-class literature based on a pre-defined vocabulary”. “Now, creatives can excite clients in more ways than one with Fifty Shades of Greyinspired filler text,: it adds. In the interests of good taste, we won’t post an example of that “world-class” literature, but you can check it out yourself (it’s good for a laugh).

The service reckons its product isn’t just for web designers either:

Fledgling authors! Spice up your otherwise lacklustre novel with graphic sex scenes guaranteed to get your readers hot under the collar, and slightly sick in their mouths. If you end up winning a big literary award, we’ll split the prize money 50/50, yeah? Wire transfer is fine.

As with anything this powerful and revolutionary, it does come with a warning:

Remember, this is a parody site. Do not confuse us with the real thing which includes a story, characters and other things middle-aged women like. Hiring a defense lawyer is an expense we’d like to avoid.

Author | Nur Bremmen: Staff reporter

Nur Bremmen: Staff reporter
Nur is an enigma with a passion for creating words. He recently entered a love affair with technology and chorizo sausages. He travels a lot -- you catch him, if you can, at a Silicon Cape event every now and again. More
  • Mo

    While (arguably) funny, for professional use you’re better off with eg. http://generator.lorem-ipsum.info. Nothing raunchy, but with Chinese or Russian dummy copy.

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