5 great brand responses to Apple’s iPhone announcement

Denny iPhone ad

Denny iPhone ad

Over the past couple of years it’s become fairly common practice for brands to leverage on big, newsworthy events on social media. And, unlike the birth of royal babies, the launch of a new iPhone is a fairly safe event to target.

Small wonder then that a number of brands jumped on the bandwagon and released tacticals around yesterday’s iPhone 5S/5C launch event. We’ve rounded up some of the best examples we’ve seen so far.


US Diner chain Denny’s had a go at the gold iPhone 5S with this gem.

Nokia UK

When Apple announced the iPhone 5C, available in a number of bright candy colours, a number of people immediately made the association with Nokia’s bright, colourful Lumia range. Among those was Nokia’s UK office.

While it was at it, the Finnish phone maker decided to leap onto everyone’s Breaking Bad obsession.

Windows Phone

While Apple and HTC have hedged their camera bets on bigger pixels, Windows Phone was keen to remind people that the phone with the highest number of megapixels was running its operating system, not iOS 7.


Interestingly HTC didn’t decide to take on Apple for the whole “bigger pixels” technology it debuted on the HTC One. Instead, it tried to leverage on the growing sense of boredom some people feel toward the iPhone by telling its followers to convince their friends to buy an HTC One.


McDonald’s meanwhile continued the trend of food companies aping tech launches with this effort.



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