No woman, no drive: viral video pokes fun at Saudi attitudes on female drivers

No woman no drive

What do you get when you combine Bob Marley with a topical social issue? The latest viral parody video to hit YouTube. In this case, we’re talking about ‘No woman, no drive’, the acapella rendition that has gone on to gather more than 3.3-million views in two days.

Timed to be released on the same day that woman took their place behind the steering wheel in Saudi Arabia to protest against an unofficial ban on female driving in the country, the video starring comedian Hisham Fageeh highlights some of the reasons used to justify the practice. They range from the claim that driving can affect the ability to have children (suggesting woman should stay in the back seat “so you can make lots and lots of babies”) to the fact that it’s a dangerous activity.

The song touches on how it is believed that woman should only travel on foot and how “in this bright future, you can’t forget your past” — a nod to the traditional beliefs that have persisted to this day.

Even though there is no official law in Saudi Arabia that restricts woman from driving, they are not granted drivers licenses and can be fined for driving without one if caught. According to CNN, the woman who were stopped for driving during Saturday’s protest were detained until their male guardians arrived, and asked to sign a pledge not to drive again.



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