Twitter rolls out media site, explaining best use for TV, government, news and more

Twitter Media

Twitter Media

In the aftermath of its IPO, the message from Twitter has been pretty consistent: make the platform easier to use and get media partners more involved.

The latest effort to make sure that happens is, a new site dedicated to Twitter best practices and success stories, among other things.

The site, announced via an official blog post, covers a number of topics, including TV, news, sport and government.

According to Twitter, its searchable database of how-to’s curated by the @Twittermedia team, is designed to complement the platform’s other channels rather than stand on its own.

That interconnectivity is emphasised on the site itself, which doesn’t just allow you to explore the various topics at hand, but also follow the Twitter accounts relevant to them and subscribe to whichever newsletters you feel matter most to you.

The site also seems like it would be pretty useful for first time Twitter users, given that it features a beginner’s guide that includes setting up an account, the anatomy of a tweet and a glossary of Twitter terms.

The site launch comes at the same time another move by the company that will see it cosying up even closer to advertisers, with the launch of a tool aimed at allowing advertisers to target conversation around TV shows.

According to Twitter, the tool works on a fairly basic premise:

Through our conversation mapping technology, networks and brands can promote Tweets to users who engage with specific shows, whether or not a brand is running a spot in the program. Now advertisers can easily reach Twitter users exposed to integrations, sponsorships, and other innovative TV tie-ins for an additional touch point or message expansion.

Upping user, business and advertising engagement is vital to Twitter, especially now that it is beholden to public shareholders. The hype around its IPO already seems to be wearing off a little, with the stock price currently sitting steady at around US$42, down from the highs it hit on opening day.



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