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India’s massive online population keeps growing, looks set to hit 243-million

Cheaper internet plans and devices made 2013 a catalyst year in terms of increasing internet penetration and number of web users in India. Internet users exhibited a year on year growth of 39% in 2013, whereas in 2012 it was 28%.

This growth has resulted in substantial boost in various other digital industries such as e-commerce and digital advertising as well.

Northward trend

According to a recent report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the number of web users in India is expected to hit 243-million by June 2014. Out of the vast number, 192-million users are expected to be active. The number of internet users in December 2013 was 213-million, while the number of active users was 169-million.

Mobile internet users witnessed humongous growth too. Mobile internet grew 111% in 2012 and 63% in 2013.

Impact on digital industries

The impact of internet penetration has seen a considerable spurt in the digital commerce industry. The digital commerce market that stood at INR 8 146 crore (US$1.3-billion) in December 2007, reached a whooping INR 47 349 crore (US$7.5-billion) by December 2012. The number then rose to INR 62 967 crore (US$9.9-billion) in 2013.

Between December 2011 and December 2012, the segment witnessed 35% growth, and 33% growth between December 2012 and December 2013.

Digital advertising also managed to display steady growth. The online advertising market in India is projected to reach INR 2 938 crore (US$496-million) by March 2014. The year on year growth in 2012 was 40%, while in 2013, it stood at 30%.

These numbers — which will only grow by the day — demonstrate that India is on the path to becoming one of the biggest internet populations across the globe.

This article by Saloni Surti originally appeared on e27, a Burn Media publishing partner.

Author | e27

Founded in 2007, e27 is a media organization focused on the Asian technology startup industry. We believe in building the community of technology innovators across Asia by reporting on the latest, breaking news relevant to technology startups, technology companies as well as investors on the e27 blog while keeping... More
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