Microsoft’s LMFAO parody to promote the Surface Pro 3 is super awkward

Microsoft One Note parody

Microsoft One Note parody

Okay, Microsoft is no stranger when it comes to troupes of dancers and snapping keyboards into place when promoting its Surface tablet… but this is another level.

The tech giant’s OneNote engineering team has put together a parody video of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know it” to promote the note-taking software and the latest iteration of the Surface which is, how do I put this… a bit funny. As in, not so much humorous as it is weird.

While good parodies are difficult to pull off, this one is entertaining for the wrong reasons. In between the tutus and fake looks of awe from Macbook users, there is a stick figure dancing Gangnam Style on a tablet, some weird wigs and some apple jugglers. And, of course, a focus on the tablet’s stylus and the refrain “I click it and I note it”.

The new video is a follow up to a Les Miserables parody the team put together back in April. While associating the tablet with crazy outfits and weird dance moves may not be the best idea to make it look cool, at least videos like these are making Microsoft seem less like a stuffy giant corporate.



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