SEACOM opens NAPAfrica Remote Peering service on its backbone


SEACOM, an African service provider and cable operator, has today introduced a NAPAfrica Remote Peering service that will allow NAPAfrica memebers to connect with NAPAfrica exchange points and other members seamlessly across SEACOM’s backbone.

NAPAfrica is essentially a neutral peering internet exchange located in a few major centres in South Africa. Traditionally, ISPs connect to a central internet exchange (SAIX, for example) to distribute and exchange traffic thoughout their networks. But NAPAfrica, according to Lex van Wyk, CEO of Teraco, “is a community driven Internet exchange – a platform from which content is distributed to reach a wider audience.”

Additionally, ISPs and organisations opting to use the NAPAfrica port service “will have a virtual presence at all NAPAfrica exchange points, where they will be able to exchange traffic with other NAPAfrica members at those points,” notes the presser.

With a wider range, one should expect the speed of the system to suffer, but this is not the case. The system is relatively swift, topping speeds of 15Gbps.

Robert Marston, Global Head of Product at SEACOM, lauds the progress made by the service and the potential it harbours:

NAPAfrica’s growth in the past few years has been phenomenal and we believe our launch of this new service will help the community grow even more. SEACOM’s NAPAfrica Remote Peering service will not only help operators and Internet service providers to reduce their connectivity costs, but also provide an improved end-user experience to their customers.

The service goes live today.



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