#WhatDoLaaitiesKnowAbout: 19 tweets that’ll fuel your nostalgia trip

Twitter is a strange forum. It’s a place for serious discussion regarding potentially devastating world issues and events, but it also brings out the best of people, and more importantly, South Africa.

A trend that has piqued our interest today on the Twittersphere leads with the curious hashtag #WhatDoLaaitiesKnowAbout. Those born before the turn of the millennium (and it seems well before that as well) are reminiscing of their childhood experiences that current Millennials didn’t quite get a chance to experience.

If you’ve ever owned a Nokia 3310, played an informal match of street (returning swiftly to your house once the streetlights were lit) or cracking that packet of crisps to find a Pokemon Tazo nestling inside, take notes, because Twitter will be your history teacher for today. And those who are lightly seasoned, prepare to get a bad case of the feels.

Here are some of the best examples of the trend thus far, and the first appearance of it directly below:

If you happen to spot any other golden examples, don’t hesitate to tweet us.

Feature image: kami rao via Flickr

Andy Walker, former editor


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