SNAPnSAVE: this new SA app lets you earn cash by scanning your till slip

This is interesting. It’s a new South African app called SNAPnSAVE and it allows you to earn cash by scanning your till slip.

The app, developed in Cape Town, delivers the cash into an ewallet and is meant to be a way of circumventing problems presented by more traditional reward mechanisms such as paper coupons, plastic cards, expiry dates, and club points. As a SNAPnSAVE user, you select the offers you want, buy them in-store and, using your mobile device’s camera, send a snap of your till slip to verify the purchase.

According to a press release sent to Memeburn, SNAPnSAVE has been developed with the support of TAT Ventures, an overseas-based investment house that backs startup tech ideas that provide African solutions to African problems.

The launch of the platform comes in the wake of a surging global trend that will see over 100 million Americans redeeming digital coupons when shopping this year, and with 1 billion people globally expected to use digital coupons by 2019.

“Globally, we are seeing more and more mobile technology being developed and used to enable consumers to make smarter purchase decisions,” says SNAPnSAVE CEO Mark Bradshaw.

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The company also thinks the app could probe incredibly useful as marketing tool for brands.

Among the reasons it cites for that are:

  • SNAPnSAVE will enable brands to drive measurable sales – not just impressions or click throughs.
  • Digital coupons encourage shoppers to discover and try new products and can also also be used to reward customers for their loyalty or engagement.
  • Targeted marketing — opens a new channel of communciation and creates a deeper engagement when connecting with customers who want to hear from you, when they want to hear from you.
  • Analytics — allows brands to understand information about who, where and when their product was purchased, and to create personalised deals that are more effectively targeted.

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“We’ve managed brands before and are tired of hearing the same buzzwords that deliver few results and cost the earth. We can help influence the pre-purchase decision and prove it afterwards,” says SNAPnSAVE Marketing Manager Alex Band.

It claims that it’s already managed to get some big South African brands onboard. To date though, it seems that the only retailer where you can spend the cash you get back is at Dischem pharmacies.

Update: We have been informed that you can also spend your SNAPnSAVE cash at Pick ‘n Pay.

“We’ve developed the platform specifically for the South African market and have made getting cash back for shopping easier, discrete and more convenient than ever before,” said Bradshaw.

In addition to the iOS and Android apps, web and mobi versions of SNAPnSAVE are available.

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