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11 memorable Instagram snaps from the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour

It’s the world’s largest timed mass participation event, and one of the prettiest cycle races on the planet. That’s right. This weekend saw South Africa’s Mother City play host to the 39th edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour, and Instagrammers took to their phones to celebrate.

While its not easy to admire the beauty of a 109km race, that didn’t stop cyclists or bystanders from trying their best. Although many finished well after the professional group, the majority of the 35 000 participants probably all have a story to tell. So why not let snaps from Instagram do the talking?

Have a look at some remarkable Instagram snaps from the race that just happen to tell their own story.

The race starts well before dawn. (Image: Ruan Bekker)

But eventually, you’re off with a sunrise to guide you on. (Image: Carl Pasio)

The professionals might not seem too fazed by it all. (Image: Bridget Ellwood)

The first batch of elites from the argus coming through fish hoek #argus #capetowncycletour #fishhoek #elites

A photo posted by Bridget Ellwood (@bridgy_ellwood) on

But not everyone will feel that way. (Image: Meekaaeel T)

The struggleπŸ™„#109km#capetowncycletour

A photo posted by Meekaaeel T (@m_i_c_k_y_2016) on

Not to mention more ‘good news’ soon after that. (Image: Slick Nick)

But if you keep peddling, you’ll finally reach Chapman’s Peak. (Image: Gary Perkin)

Riding #roadslikethese while raising millions of Rands for charity marks the @ctcycletour as a very special event on my shooting calendar. So many amazing people work all year away from the spotlight to put together this celebration of what the humble bicycle can do. Yes the bike can take you 109km around the Cape Peninsula … But that’s the least of its impact – it does so much more than that. It doesn’t hurt that the team led by @davidbellairs @miss_cycle_tour and co squeezed me into a Bell 407 this year to try tell the story from the aerial perspective. Thanks folks today was an amazing day! πŸ»πŸ’―πŸŽ‰πŸ‘ PS To all my mates that waved at #RomeoLimaSierra – don’t think I was ignoring you – it’s just hard trying to play it cool up there 😎 #CycleTour2016 #CapeTownCycleTour

A photo posted by Gary Perkin (@garyperkin) on

Until your back’s to the wall… again. (Image: Cile70)

#capetowncycletour #capetown #southafrica

A photo posted by Dragan Cile πŸ™Cikota (@cile70) on

But keep pushing, even if you’re down a wheel. (Image: Mr Sakitumi)

Because rich rewards await at the finish line. (Image: Mike van Der Merwe)

You’ve done it! (Image: wheretheroadbegins)

Round and round we go 🚴🏽 πŸ“Έ @olliescotton

A photo posted by Aaron (@wheretheroadbegins) on

And now, to celebrate your victory. (Image: Taute91)

If you have any images you snapped on Instagram during the Cape Town Cycle Tour and would like to be featured on this list, drop us a line in the comments section below.

Featured image: South African Tourism via Flickr

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