The Pretty Cities of Instagram: 12 stunning snaps of Johannesburg

As much as Instagram’s a great platform for cat pictures and brunches, it’s also rather great for couch travellers. Speaking of which, welcome to our new feature entitled Pretty Cities of Instagram, where each week, we’ll take a look at some of the best snaps of cities as seen from the lenses of Instagram users across the world.

This week, we’re in the thriving South African metropolis of Johannesburg. Jozi. eGoli. JHB.

With an estimated 8-million inhabitants, Johannesburg is the country’s biggest city, but it’s not often regarded as a destination with rich physical beauty. With that said though, you just can’t beat a Jozi sunset, the nightlife afterwards, and the throng of restaurants in which to enjoy breakfast the morning afterwards.

And on that note, here are 13 snaps that prove my point:

One of the Orlando Power Station cooling towers. The plant was built in 1942 and decommissioned over 50 years later in 1996. Although it doesn’t supply power to the city anymore, it can supply visitors with an adrenaline rush (you can jump off the bridge between them).

Image: Milena Martinuzzi.

One of the pillars outside the Apartheid Museum in Ormonde, Johannesburg. The museum opened in 2001, and commemorates and documents the rise and fall of South Africa’s darkest political and social period. The pillars outside stand as a reminder of what democracy is and means.

Image: Tom Hunkpapa.

A rather gorgeous look at the Ellis Park sports complex from the air. The larger stadium, Ellis Park, played host to the 1995 Rugby World Cup final between South Africa and New Zealand, and many other famous footballing teams at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Image: Johan Pretorius.

#jozi #downtownjoburg #11000feet #airfrance #backhomeagain

A photo posted by Johan (@johan.pretorius) on

A look over the snakes of trains beneath the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Braamfontein/Newtown. There are 42 tracks beneath the bridge, so you can only imagine just how many train cars there are.

Image: Vaitiare Marama.


A photo posted by Vaitiare Marama (@vaitiarem) on

Graffiti in the city is plentiful, but most is an eyesore. Some however, are true works of art in the city, and gives dark corners of Johannesburg that splash of colour.

Image: Stephen Franklyn de Villiers.

Ponte Tower in Berea is one of the city’s vertical landmarks. It’s a huge 52-floor apartment complex, with a hollow centre — rather odd in many ways. This design does allow light to flow through the building, but also makes for some incredible shots.

Image: Kevin Smith.

Those who know the least, say the most. #Viewography

A photo posted by Kevin Smith | South Africa (@viewography) on

Looking across central Jozi from the Carlton Centre. The skyscraper, built in 1973, is 223m tall and houses 50 floors. Along with a number of office blocks, it’s now a shopping complex in the heart of the CBD.

Image: Thapelo.

👁 #Johannesburg #Views

A photo posted by Thapelo (@thapzz) on

A better look at the Nelson Mandela Bridge from the Braamfontein side. The 280m long bridge glows a number of different hues based on the occasion.

Image: Sandra.

Remember that distinctive Johannesburg skyline we were talking about earlier? Here’s a gorgeous monochrome example. The Telkom Tower can be seen in the background.

Image: Monique Gabriella Delgado.

Sneaky rooftop shots of the city skyline #johannesburg #mycity

A photo posted by Monique Gabriella Delgado (@mon_delgado_09) on

The daily grind of city life never seems to stop, whether it be in the CBD, Sandton or Soweto.

Image: Alexander.

Johannesburg is renowned for its thumping nightlife. The suburb of Newtown is especially held in high regard as party destination central.

Image: Matt Sweeney.

Good night and good luck 🍀 #Johannesburg #southafrica with @edberm

A photo posted by Matt Sweeney (@mksweeney) on

The heart of Sandton City, one of South Africa’s most important financial districts.

Image: Jay Kent.

Do you want your snaps of your city or town to be featured in this series? Be sure to tag us on Instagram using our @BurnMedia handle.

Feature image: Monique Gabriella Delgado via Instagram

Andy Walker, former editor


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