3 other times the wrong winners have been announced on TV

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty may have made news for reading out the wrong film for best picture last night at the Oscars, but they’re not the first to have made the blunder. Here’s three other times the wrong champion was crowned.

Mrs World 2006

Alan Thicke hosted the Mrs World pageant in 2006, a year in which apparently very few contestants spoke English. Though Thicke announced the correct winner — Mrs Russia — the person in charge of placing the crown on the winner chose the wrong woman.

This resulted in a lot of angry women and re-taping of the final moment. Many believed that the show was rigged because Mrs Russia was married to Sergey Veremeenko, a Russian billionaire with alleged ties to the Russian mafia.

Australia’s Next Top Model 2010

In Sydney in 2010, Australia’s Tyra Banks, Sarah Murdoch, announced the incorrect winner on live television.

Murdoch announced Kelsey Martinovich as winner, and prompted thank you speeches and the like. A few minutes later, she declares that she “feels sick.”

Murdoch had been fed the wrong information through her earpiece, and only realised when it was too late.

The stage audience had no idea how to respond, resulting in one of the most awkward moments of live television you may ever watch.

Miss Universe 2015

If you were alive in 2015 you already know about this one, but it’s a blunder so big it belongs on this list.

For those unacquainted, Steve Harvey was hosting the Miss Universe pageant when he read the wrong winner off the card he was given. Miss Colombia thought she had won, but while she was doing her victory walk, Harvey shuffled on to stage to announce he had screwed up.

This one felt particularly cruel because Miss Colombia had to kneel down and be physically decrowned in what is surely a humiliating act.

Watch it here again in all its cringey glory.



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