#MissSAChallenge: Miss South Africa subverts hashtag to issue her own challenge

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Yesterday #MissSAChallenge became South Africa’s latest passing social media fad thanks to images of Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters wearing gloves at a soup kitchen in Soweto.

Quizzing the pageant winner for her choice of attire, Twitter also grabbed hold of the hashtag to post ironic images of themselves preparing food, putting on makeup or handling household items wearing gloves. Sometimes candy wrappers too.

But Miss South Africa wasn’t having any of it.

Late last night, Nel-Peters — after explaining why she wore the gloves and issuing an apology for offending users — once again took to the social network to post another video. This particular clip was however a little different.

“Hey guys, #MissSAChallenge,” she begins, “here’s my challenge for you.”

“Join me next week Wednesday at the Maslow soup kitchen drive. Details to follow,” she explains in the short clip, encouraging users to help at the soup kitchen.

But here’s the kicker. Signing off, she blows a kiss to the camera, while wearing a pair of gloves.

Unsurprisingly, replies were mixed and varying in sentiment.

Some were outraged.

Others found the reply sassy.

But did the sassy response work for Miss South Africa? Well, yes.

Some on Twitter confirmed that they’ll be ready to help.

Andy Walker, former editor


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