@MonkeyHaircut is a Twitter shrine to the internet’s latest monkey meme

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Amid the talk of possible nuclear war, state capture and under-performing local sports teams, we understand that you — the internet — need a break from all that is glum in the world.

@MonkeyHaircut has seemingly become that break for over 12 000 people.

The Twitter account lists examples and derivatives of the world’s latest cute meme, featuring a macaque getting a haircut and seemingly loving it (warning: the below video also features Alice Deejay).

The original video was first uploaded to Facebook back in February, but only became viral after a still from the clip was photoshopped onto US President Donald Trump’s executive order signings this month.

Although the shop won’t win any Cannes Lions awards, it is crudely manipulated to suggest that the subject is the monkey’s barber.

Since the Trump derivative surfaced earlier this week, many others variants are now crawling the web. Some are also live on @MonkeyHaircut.

While the account only boasts 64 posts at the time of writing, some examples have exceeded 10 000 likes.

Other tweets focus on derivatives of the meme involving cultural icons of the past few years.

And some (obviously) feature Donald Trump.

Call this one my personal favourite.

While we don’t predict that the meme will live on to become the next Nyan Cat or Pepe the Frog, sometimes all we need as a break from life is to watch a monkey enjoy a haircut from Donald Trump.

Andy Walker, former editor


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