Google’s ‘Focus Mode’ will pause distracting apps for you on Android

Google Focus Mode

Google is officially rolling out its latest Digital Wellbeing tool, Focus Mode, after first revealing the feature at its 2019 I/O conference in May.

As its name suggests, Focus Mode helps users stay focused on real-life tasks by “pausing” apps that can be distracting. This means that, with the tool enabled, users can prevent themselves from accessing their most disruptive apps.

“You can select apps you currently find distracting (like social media or games) and if you try to open them, Focus mode will remind you that app is paused,” Google explained on its website.

With Focus Mode, users can also silence notifications and set up a scheduled period to activate the tool as well.

“We also added an option to take a break, which lets you step out of Focus mode to use certain apps and jump back in when you’re ready,” Google also noted.

According to the company, Focus Mode is now out of its beta phase and available on devices running Digital Wellbeing and parental control tools on Android 9 and 10.

Feature image: screenshot, Google

Shereesa Moodley


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