South African company builds world’s first WhatsApp security chatbot

whatsapp security chatbot tracker

South African security and medical response platform AURA has launched the world’s first WhatsApp security chatbot in partnership with Tracker.

The chatbot provides mobile emergency response services in South Africa.

It allows users who have subscribed to the Tracker CareGuard service to request mobile armed response by sharing a location pin through WhatsApp.

While the service was launched late last year, the company is promoting the technology behind the world-first solution.

“The Tracker CareGuard service is another important step towards increasing the accessibility of crucial emergency services in South Africa, where the vast majority of people are unable to afford the benefits of private security,” says Warren Myers, Founder and CEO of AURA.

Since it uses your location PIN, which uses GPS, you don’t need to provide an address. This makes it easier for armed services to find your exact location.

Meanwhile, the use of WhatsApp means you don’t need airtime to make a phone call — only enough data to send a WhatsApp message.


AURA says that the platform uses AI to make sure that the closest responders receive the distress call.

The emergency request is sent to the five closest responders to your location.

How to test Tracker’s WhatsApp security chatbot

The chatbot is available nationwide, according to Tracker and AURA. However, the Tracker CareGuard service is limited to certain areas around the country — mostly metros and populated areas.

The platform leverages over 1500 armed responders around the country.

If you want to test the service, you can add the chatbot on WhatsApp by adding the number 0861 222 781 as a contact.

You can then send a message saying “Hi” to launch a demo.

You can find out more about the subscription service on the Tracker CareGuard website.

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