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All posts by Marisa Farinha-Lloyd

Marisa Farinha-Lloyd
As the Chief Energy Activator at Deloitte Digital Africa, Marisa’s passion is to support organisations in becoming fit for change and disruptive times. An experienced facilitator and coach, she is able to make significant impact in moving team efficiency and performance to optimal levels. Marisa has a unique understanding of what energises leaders, individuals and teams. Deloitte Digital Africa has developed EnergiseMe, a digital solution that gauges the energy states of an organisation’s people, and provides them with the tools and knowledge to navigate the gauntlet of workplace stress triggers.
  • Is your organisation digitising the workplace in a healthy manner?

    Smartphones, 4G and cloud technologies have done wonders for our productivity and freed us from being desk-bound. We can now work from anywhere, at any time. These technologies have also unleashed a trove of information, and given us the capacity to process and analyse huge amounts of data to generate more information. But these blessings can also be a curse. Left unchecked, the ability to work from anywhere can, and has, blurred the important line between work and personal time. More and more people are also finding themselves overwhelmed by the deluge of new information coming their way daily. The result of...