Canadians buy iPad 2s, find clay slabs instead

We all love getting new gadgets. Every time something new comes into the ‘burn offices we’re like five-year old kids on Christmas morning. Unlike an unsuspecting group of Canadians, we can only imagine how it would feel if, if an unboxing revealed something a lot less noteworthy than what we were expecting.

According to renowned tech site Engadget, the unlucky Kanucks were presented with slab of clay after “buying what they believed to be an iPad 2”.

The buyers turned out to be the unlucky victims of a scam in “crooks purchased real iPads, replaced them with terra-cotta tablets, then returned them to the store in re-sealed boxes”.

“The fakes then found their way back on to the shelves, and into customer’s baskets,” Engadget reports.

When Mark Sandhu — the first victim to report the incident — attempted to return the very literal tablet to Future Shop, the retailer he bought it from, however, he was treated like a scammer.

According to the tech site, the retailer initially refused to refund Sandhu “possibly believing him to be the scammer”.

Canadian news outlet CTV reports that it was only after he took his story to it that he got a response from the retailer in question.

Since Sanhu reported the incident “as many as 10 fake iPad 2 models made of modeling clay have turned up”, reports CTV.

Future Shop has since apologised to Sandhu and given him a full refund. It also gave him a complimentary iPad 2 for his troubles.



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