AudioGlove is battery-free audio enhancement made the Kickstarter way

Innovation, we love it. The iPhone’s sound, we hate it. The speakers on our iPhones are some of the most hateful known to mankind. Simply put, they just ain’t loud enough. This is where Kickstarter project AudioGlove comes into play. It’s a battery free, audio-enhancing solution with so much simplicity and panache it defies belief. And here’s why.

Self-styled Falco Freeman entrepreneur created the AudioGlove with nothing more than a dream and a ponytail. The case slips over an iPhone 4/4S, protects it from knocks and with a deft flick of the hand, the case slides down creating a resonating audio cavity. Watch this goddamn video already!

So it makes everything better, audio-wise. Conferences, music, streaming porn, it all sounds richer and deeper thanks to some “Natural Sound Amplification” which makes the audio 20% sexier. Freeman describes it as “warmer, richer sound”. Even better(er), sound is improved for the listener at the other end of the call. Sound is collected by the speaker pouch, like tiny eggs being thrown into an even tinier basket. Freeman calls this noise rejection. We call it, auditory magic.

Okay one more thing. There’s also a snazzy aluminum stand which is very Mac-like. Loving it.

Right, here’s the donation fee. US$20 is the entry price of the AudioGlove project and this snags the default cover in black. Kickstarter donations rocket to US$85 which secures TWO covers and TWO stands. Holy shitballs. That’s enough audio enhancement power and stand goodness to last a lifetime. Or to last until the iPhone 5 comes out, which Freeman says will get it’s own AudioGlove, providied that the first round of Kickstarting is successful. There’s nothing more to say, so go support it.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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