Logitech Washable Keyboard review: squeaky clean

Logitech Washable Keyboard

Logitech Washable Keyboard

Plug and Play has a new word added to it: washable. The Logitech k310 Washable Keyboard (WK) delivers the promise of a clean and washable waterproof keyboard that will keep OCD users safe from dust and dead bugs. Because for those of you who don’t know, the humble keyboard can actually be a festering sump of nasty germs, and has even been rated as dirtier than a toilet seat.

Anyone who knows me will know that, even though I can be the most disorganised gadget freak on earth, I am quite anal about a few things. A clean PC and keyboard is one of those things. “It’s washable? Yeah cool I’ll review it.”

How does it work?

The keyboard I currently use is of the general variety, with big buttons and even bigger spaces between them. Ideal for catching crap then. The Logitech WK has raised buttons, meaning there are no spaces between or under the buttons, diminishing the chance of nasty things adding up in the hard to reach places. The included brush below the keyboard can be used to clean the surface, although I must admit that the brush is a bit of an afterthought, too small and a tad useless. The box promises a keyboard that can be submerged in water up to 30cm deep (but keep it less than 50 degrees celsius). Drainage holes at the back will also make for speedy drying.

Let’s get wet

For all intents and purposes, I could’ve just poured some liquid over it, let it dry, and then seen if it still worked. I must admit that it is a slightly weird thought, submerging an electronic device in liquid. But there is more to it then being simply washable. What about “spillage”? Inevitably, it does happen. So let’s test it. I’m writing this review on the keyboard now and here is one spill of soda coming up… Well if you are reading this, then it is definitely water-resistant. Let’s spill some more… Yip, still going. Althhooughhhhh the keyyyyyyyssssssssss aree gettiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnng a bitt sticcccckkyyyyy nowwwwwwww……..

Logitech Washable Keyboard 2aa

After a quick rinse under a shower head, and about a 10-minute drying period, we are typing again. The keyboard is not entirely dry yet, and to be honest I am playing a dangerous game here. But it’s all in the name of gadget science. For definite safety, let’s have it dry for a little while longer. Is it waterproof? Yes it is.

Keyboard layout

A new keyboard always takes some getting used to, but my scuba diving friend was easy to adjust to. Sporting an almost iDevice look, the standard layout of white keys on a dark grey background is simple and easy to use. The way it should be. Pretty. Some keys are slightly smaller than you would expect, but with time the avid typist will get used to it. Soft to the touch and quiet, it was a pleasure to type on. All the various alternative function keys are there as well: multimedia, volume, quick email, home button, calculator… I just wish each key could be accessed without having to use the “Function” key as well.

Final verdict

This keyboard get’s the thumbs up. It’s a simple, sturdy, pretty, waterproof and most of all, clean gadget. Selling for about US$40, it is well worth the purchase. And it’s still working. Just don’t stick it in the dishwasher.



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