Mad scientist’s magnetic shoes unlock his inner Magneto

Furze Magneto Shoes

Colin Furze is playing superhero again and this time, he’s strapping on some massively powerful microwave magnets to sneakers that allow him to walk on the ceiling.

Previously, the mad scientist created his (much better) version of Wolverine’s claws that ejected and retracted thanks to an ingenious use of air pressure. Not only that, they sparked and sliced through watermelon.

Now setting his sights on Magneto’s magnetism or Spiderman’s wall-crawling abilities, Furze has outdone logic itself by walking all over the ceiling of his shed without the help of CGI, or adamantium or radioactive spiders.

Incredibly, Furze notes that creating the shoes was the easy part, but walking upside down was the real challenge.

“The magnet shoes themselves are easy to make and I can see people trying this. The tricky part is walking upside down, the ropes which have switches on to release the foot you need to step with also provide a way of reaching your leg back up because unlike walking normally your feet are trying to go over your head and not onto the surface in front of you.”

Perhaps not as cool as moving metal at the wave of a hand, or slicing things with retractable claws, it is as real as mutant powers could ever get. And the internet undoubtedly approves. Furze is planning to emulate one more X-Man in his upcoming video scheduled for 29 May. But who will it be? Cyclops? Gambit? Beast?

Either way, we’re looking forward to it. Have a look at the video below:



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