New, sexy Bloodborne concept pictures reveals terrifying ‘yawning house’ enemy

Bloodborne is From Software’s first game for PS4, and it looks like a right cracker. There’s been a snippet of gameplay here and there, and today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia (via Dualshockers) have released a bunch of hand-drawn concept art pieces. These images show off the weapons, locations and one of the presumed bosses of Bloodborne, but one picture truly strikes fear into my heart and knowing From Software, the enemy in this image will be terrifying as hell. I present, the yawning/indifferent house of evil.

Bloodborne prime

Can’t see it? We’ve zoomed in for you.

Bloodborne HOE


What horrors lurk within?

There’s some other concept shots as well. Here we are, but this anthropomorphic graveyard house remains the highlight.

Bloodborne concept screenshots
left right

Bloodborne Hoe

Bloodborne Prime

Bloodborne Weapon 3

Bloodborne Boss

This is the first boss-like enemy we know of.

Bloodborne Weapon 1

Bloodborne Weapon 2

Bloodborne Weapon 4

Bloodborne Weapon 5

There's a rifle and a shotgun, what else is in-store?

Bloodborne Weapon 6

Guns will act as shields in Bloodborne.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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