‘Far Cry 4’ Overrun expansion pack available today for Sony, Microsoft consoles

Ubisoft‘s Far Cry 4 has an all-new expansion pack available for previous and current-gen Sony and Microsoft systems today. The PC version however is due out tomorrow.

Dubbed “Overrun“, the add-on bolts on a new vehicle, a PvP mode and even more maps, which should keep existing players even busier than they have been recently.

The new vehicle introduced is a dune buggy which should introduce even more piloting fun to the mix.

The new PvP mode also introduces a new dynamic to the game, as the Far Cry 4 Developer Diary notes below:

Throughout the match, three designated locations will activate with only one location active at a time. Both factions compete to control the active zone and score points. The more team members a faction has in the zone at a time, the more points they score. Overrun plays in two rounds, and scores are totalled to determine the overall match winner.

Finally, Overrrun presents four new maps, which will allow Rakshasa and the Golden Path to cause even more havoc in the pristine landscape.

But have a look at the Dev Diary below for a full and comprehensive roundup.



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