Watch Steam games run on a hacked PlayStation 4

Who thought we’d ever see proper Steam games running on the PlayStation 4? Well, a new YouTube video shows Valve’s service in action.

According to YouTuber OsirisX, the feat first requires a PlayStation 4 running firmware version 1.76. So in the unlikely event that you haven’t updated your machine since 2014, you might be in luck.

The uploader then installed Arch Linux on the PlayStation 4, as well as graphics drivers ported by the fail0verflow hacking team.

The video shows the uploader booting up Arch Linux and eventually logging in to his Steam account. From here, the uploader visits the system settings page, showing off the listed specs – proof that it’s running on the PlayStation 4.

The YouTuber then navigates to their library and boots up 2D action/RPG Bastion. What about performance though? Well, Bastion seems playable, although it does appear to have a low framerate in the video.

“Most games have stable FPS when running low to mid graphics setting,” OsirisX clarified in a forum post.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect more graphically intense games to run at a playable framerate (if at all), but this still makes for a rather fascinating hack. And those wanting to play more indie games on PS4 might just have a crazy solution – if they haven’t updated their console.



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