Telefunken ‘full HD’ TV actually not full HD – report

Telefunken TV

A South African man purchased a Telefunken ‘full HD’ television from Game, only to find that the TV’s resolution topped out at 1366×768, and not 1920×1080.

According to MyBroadband, Abu-Huraira Oman Abdalla purchased a 32-inch Telefunken TV set (model: TLEDD-32FHDB) from Game in KwaZulu-Natal and put it to the test. For the record, the TV packaging claims it’s a “full HD” set, as does the branding on the TV itself.

Abdalla connected the TV to his PC, finding a maximum resolution of 1366×768 — there was no full HD (1920×1080) option. He then used the MonitorInfoView utility to get a more detailed overview of the TV, showing a maximum resolution of 1366×768 as well.

The customer then did a physical pixel count, coming to a reading that was more in line with 720p than 1080p.

Abdalla added that he couldn’t find a standards authority, distributor, retailer or country that accepted 1366×768 as full HD resolution.

Game has been selling a ‘full HD’ Telefunken TV that isn’t actually full HD

Meanwhile, Game has issued a response to the saga and, well… it’s not an apology.

“The product is marketed as Full HD, and the TV supports FHD 1080p, and in general terms any Full HD TV is purely dependent on the source media,” Game told MyBroadband.

The retailer was asked if the TV in question used a 1080p panel or not.

“The model supports full HD through HDMI and is dependent on source. There is no claim on native resolution, the unit is sold as a TV and not as a high-end monitor,” it answered.

“If the requirements are for high-end perfect resolution, one should consider purchasing a unit specifically manufactured for such a purpose.”

There you have it. Coming up next, Game sells smartphones that claim to have full HD recording, but top out at 480p. When asked about the discrepancy, Game said that people wanting perfect resolution should buy a dedicated camcorder.*

*This paragraph isn’t true obviously

Featured image: File photo from Game website



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