Crayta game comes to PC, launches for free on Epic Games Store

crayta free game

Crayta, a game that lets you play and make multiplayer games, has launched on the Epic Games Store for free.

It was previously a Stadia exclusive, but the Epic Games Store launch brings the game to PC.

Still in Early Access, Crayta includes a library of user-generated multiplayer games. These games span different genres, from shooters to farming simulators and even cooking games.

These games all use Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

The concept is similar to another platform that is also on its way to the store in April — Core. Like Crayta, Core includes free-to-play and free-to-create games that use Unreal Engine.

However, Crayta also includes paid battle passes and upgrades that include cosmetic items. This funding and microtransaction model seems similar to the one used by Fortnite.

Meanwhile, creators are able to enter challenges for a chance to win in the game’s $25 000 monthly Prize Fund.

Players also have a customizable avatar that they can use when playing games.

The starter edition of the game is also now available for free on Google Stadia, with cross-play available. This edition includes fewer cosmetic items.

You can find out more about that game on the Crayta store page.

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