Watch this 2500-hp Mustang Fastback complete the quarter mile in four seconds [video]

When Gone in Sixty Seconds was released in 1974, it set the precedent for all car-themed movies to come. Unfortunately, the Nicholas Cage-starring remake to this classic wasn’t exactly a shining light in the industry. The 1967 Mustang Fastback however, was the movie’s real star.

Hilariously, this particular drag racer decided that the Fastback didn’t have enough muscle for his liking, and dropped a 2500-horsepower Chevy twin-turbocharged engine into the enormously ballooned engine bay. And we’re not joking about this engine — the turbochargers are nearly as big as the entire block itself, which in turn, is nearly as big as the car.

And what is the resultant straight line performance of this monster, you ask? Try a quarter-mile time of 4.9 seconds, crossing the line at a staggering 245km/h. And this is accomplished when this car isn’t trying to kill the driver.

Of course, this thing is in no way street legal, but it’s a work of Frankenstein-like genius. Gawk at this marvel below, and try not to blink — might just miss it.

Andy Walker, former editor


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