Your average 14-year-old French kid could soon be zipping about in a Renault Twizy

If you were one of those people frustrated at how long it took before you were old enough to get your license, you’ll probably find this frustrating. New European legislation means that French children as young as 14 could soon be zipping around the streets in the Renault Twizy.

The change in legislation allows 14-year-olds to drive the Twizy, which is officially a light quadricycle, as long as they have a BSR road safety certificate. This is something that was previously reserved for individuals aged 16 and over.

Renault likes to bill the Twizy as a safer alternative to scooters rather than a very small electric car, which is what most would automatically assume it to be. The Twizy comes standard with an airbag, double seatbelts, disc brakes and a protective cell.

That at least puts it a step above the now defunct G-Wiz, which had serious safety concerns. Under legislation during its production run, its classification as a quadricylce meant that it was exempt from most European crash test rules.

None of that however is likely to make drivers feel any better about sharing the road with 14-year-olds.



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