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Scoop: New "Web 2.0" recruitment site launches in South Africa

Here’s a scoop for ya.

I’ve just been alerted to what looks like a new and pretty serious “Web 2.0” entrant in the South African web market., the site owner claims, is a web 2.0 recruitment site “packed full of all the Web 2.0 goodness you can think of including mashups with Microsoft Virtual Earth, user generated content, AJAX / Atlas interface and more…”.

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The way it works is quite novel. It works via a referral system. All jobs posted offer a cash reward to anyone who refers a friend for a job and is successfully placed. It’s pretty clever, if I may say, because we all know that one of the main ways people get jobs is via networks and that many top jobs aren’t even advertised. People use networks, because they know they can get good, strong people via trusted networks. The site claims it already has half a million rands worth of rewards for referrers on offer at the moment.

Whether or not it is a true blue Web 2.0 site with true blue web 2.0 features is arguable… But then again who knows what web 2.0 really is anyway? It looks like a good initiative and good for ’em.

Check out the site. Check out their blog.

But, will it work?

Thanks to Chris Rowe, the managing director of the company, for emailing me this scoop.

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