SA journalists embrace blogs

I’ve been pretty impressed by the way South African media professionals have embraced blogging in recent times. There is of course all this claptrap of big media vs the blogosphere, which I’ve always thought was nonsense. My two cents? Blogging is many things: in its most simple guise it’s just a publishing format. But it’s also a culture and a type/style of content. You can write on a blog and not be a blogger, or you can blog and not be a journalist. You can however be both, at different times. And roles often blur. Am I making any sense???

Recently Ray Hartley made South African history by being the first newspaper editor to blog, and blog inside information about a major new daily that is on the cards. This is a major event. And it appears the strategy is paying off as he has generated quite a bit of free publicity. Another SA media guru of the newspaper school is Anton Harber who has been blogging for quite a while. Recently they had interactions via their blogs. Then there is Duncan Mcleod of FM Tech who has been producing an excellent blog and was one of the first in the country to break a major story on his new blog. Iol is also blogging and Intelligence magazine has just launched a blog too. A sign of great things to come.

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