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OpenCalais release features enhanced social tagging

To kick-start 2010, OpenCalais has released some significant upgrades to its award-winning semantic platform.

Version 4.3 of the OpenCalais service features:

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  • enhanced Social Tags for categorization; improved disambiguation; new entities, facts and events in English; and an entirely new feature called News Names.
  • By popular demand, the improved Tagaroo plugin for WordPress gives users more control over the tagging process.
  • Their URL submission tool, SemanticProxy, has been normalized to ensure that its results are identical with those you would get by programmatically submitting content to OpenCalais via the API.
  • Additionally, they are now supporting JSONP. You can now specify a callback function when requesting results in JSON.
  • Our Gnosis plugin for Firefox now includes categorisation of processed Web pages in the sidebar and can sort entities by alphabetical order or according to frequency or relevance.
  • they have published the OpenCalais Schema in OWL, enabling OWL enthusiasts to apply ontology based tools on OpenCalais metadata.

    More on the OpenCalais blog.

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