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Facebakers: Everything you ever wanted to know about Facebook

Friends have been found, photos uploaded and tagged, gaming has gone social, status updates are now second nature and a movie, The Social Network, has been made. Keeping up with Facebook, its growth and the ways in which people are using it can be quite daunting task. But help is at hand.

A nifty site called Facebakers allows you to explore the various metrics of the social networking giant. The site has been around for about a year now, but this week it launched a new look packed full of new features.

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You can benchmark metrics from the previous week all the way back to six months ago. The Facebook statistical world is completely at your disposal but be warned, you may end up wasting the day away as you discover level after level of detail.

Let’s begin by taking a look at countries in Africa.

Double digit growth is the norm on Facebook and penetration levels are starting to look impressive. Stats are here.

You can drill deep down to a specific country and study the specifics. Let’s take a look at Kenya as an example.

Once you have a good idea of the population, the potential cost of media buys and the top brands and media, it would be good to know what the demographics look like.

Brands wanting to keep tabs on how well their social media penetration is doing (and their competitors too) can drill down even further and discover what their Fan Growth Speed really is.

Taken as a whole, this site is an awesome resource for just about any Facebook metric.

What are the average advertising costs?

Interested in the biggest apps?

What are the top global brand pages?

What are the top groups?

If you still want more and didn’t get a kick out of that, check out their socio-demographic data Facebook app with real-time stats.

It’s everything you ever wanted to know and more about the world’s favourite social network.

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