Woolies: Now the artists get in on the act

Woolworths might have thought that its decision to put Christian magazines back on the shelves would put an end to the controversy which blew up yesterday. But creative minds have been inflamed, and have taken this as an excuse to begin some hilarious, thought-provoking parodies that are adding fuel to the fire.

In case you missed the story, Woolworths announced earlier in the week that they were unhappy with the sales of their faith-based magazines and would be removing them from the shelves. This provoked a massive, vocal response from outraged evangelical Christians via social media and Facebook in particular. Barely a day later, Woolies took the step of “listening to their fans” and announced they would continue selling the magazines. The rest is history.

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How long will it continue? We can’t say for sure. But I bet Cell C are rejoicing that their reign as the social media whipping boys is over.

Check out some of our favourites and let us know if you’ve come across any others.

Consumer collaboration agency Instant Grass got in on the act:

These images are all from the photo section of Woolworths Facebook page:

Okay, now they’re just asking for trouble…

Here’s another classic which seemed to go down well with the Facebook masses.

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