Facebook revisits confusing promotions rules for Pages

Facebook is revisiting its promotions and competitions guidelines for its wildly popular Pages functionality.

Facebook Pages are effectively mini-websites within the social network used by companies to tap into the social graph.

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Running competitions and promotions on Pages has become an increasing source of mystery and obfuscation for companies, which has most likely prompted this latest set of changes by Facebook.

Facebook sales representatives have been emailing key clients informing them that the new changes are afoot, namely:

  1. Previously, promotions and terms and conditions needed to be explicitly approved by Facebook – this is now no longer required.
  2. Facebook no longer require a minimum media spend investment to support a promotion (ASU ads only).
  3. Promotions must still follow the company’s Promotions Guidelines and Facebook Platform Policies and brands are responsible for ensuring that all promotions fall within those guidelines.

This means that you are not required to have a media campaign on Facebook to run a promotion, nor do you need to ask for approval of the promotional terms and conditions from Facebook.

Previously, there was a minimum spend required for Premium Ads on Facebook which will now fall away and ensure the barrier to entry is less onerous for these ad placements.

Facebook says that the relaxation of these guidelines does not mean that one can do as they please, and Facebook has still outlined that their policies need be complied with failing which the promotion will be removed.

Source: Popimedia, AllFacebook.com

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