Location based social-networks: Who’s using them, where, why and how? [infographic]

Beyond being something that constantly comes up on my Twitter feed, which I used to view as irritating, location based services (Foursquare in particular) were something to be forgotten and vaguely risky. However for both myself, and many others across the web, that opinion regarding these services is slowly changing.

It is to be expected that, although Foursquare is the location service buzzword, Facebook Locations dwarfs it; or that privacy concerns are stalling the adoption of these services. However, beyond those expected results, digital services company, Beyond, in partnership with the Social-Loco conference, took a look at the reality behind the “hype” of location services and came up with some rather interesting results.

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As Beyond put it, “the results give us a clear understanding of who the winners and losers are likely to be, as well as the types of things that will motivate the mass consumer to adopt location-based apps. They also highlight some of the real challenges there are to consumers embracing this technology”.

Click on the image to get the full infographic:

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