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Images of new iPhone leaked

With Apple watchers convinced that the newest iPhone will be released in September of this year, a leak from Asia has what some are saying could prove to be the very first images of the new iPhone.

Though much of the speculation in the run-up to the release of the next generation iPhone has pointed to there being an entirely new and totally redesigned iPhone, if these pictures are to be trusted it would seem that latest release will be a 4G iPhone with not too drastic cosmetic changes.

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Judging by these images coming from Taiwan’s most popular microblogging website (Weibo), the “new” model looks very similar to the current iPhone 4. Despite the graininess of the images, they have been labelled as the most “accurate pictures” of the iPhone4GS as yet.

Despite previous reports, rumours, and leaks, these images of the prototype show that Apple will not be taking any major risks with the design of the device.

The screen is marginally larger (if the image of it in iTunes is realistic) and the camera is still a five megapixel snapper.

One of the only confirmations regarding specifications for the iPhone 4GS is that it will be thinner, lighter and faster — perhaps it will use the A5 processor much like the iPad 2. However, according to reports, this has been an issue for Apple as the A5 chip is said to be overheating inside of the smaller internals of the iPhone 4GS and the iPhone 5.

Cast your eyes over these supposed leaked images and decide for yourself if this iPhone 4GS has undergone any sort of cosmetic change.

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