Link between Norwegian killer and right-wing South African blog unearthed

It has been revealed that the perpetrator of the recent horror massacre in Oslo may have been influenced by a right-wing South African blog, reports online publisher News24.

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It has come to light that Anders Behring Breivik, the man behind the Oslo bombings and mass shootings, borrowed heavily from several sources, including the controversial blog iluvsa. The blog is hosted by Google’s blog service, Blogger.

In Breivik’s rambling 1 500-page Manifesto on Western Civilisation, there is a link to what he calls the “democratic struggle against the Islamisation of Europe” with arguments made by iluvsa against multi-culturalism in the South African, and global, context.

The iluvsa site features a blood-spattered banner, with the words “I Luv South Africa .. But I Hate My Government” emblazoned across it.

A Memeburn search revealed that Brevik was particularly interested in a post from the blog entitled “From Titans To Lemmings: The Suicide Of The White Race Part II”.

At one point the post asks:

If all races are equal, why aren’t the Chinese, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Arabs, the Pakistanis, the Indians, the Africans all accepting masses of immigrants into their lands and allowing alien cultures and religions to be of equal importance to their own?

The bio of iluvsa’s Facebook page explains “ILuvSA was conceived as an online space where South Africans both home and abroad could come together to discuss the issues of the day in a political correctness-free environment”.

The blog’s first post explains why iluvsa is “needed”.

“We pledge therefore to reveal to the world the true horror of the “rainbow nation” under the repressive, Marxist, socialist, black-nationalist, racist regime that is the ANC government.”

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