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Googarola and our four top predictions

As many words have already been written about Google snapping up Motorola as dollars changing hands in the deal. Here’s a Twitter-length analysis: “$12.5-b from GOOG for fading maker of mobiles and set top boxes to stymie Apple lawyers with 17,000+ patents; other Android OEMs poker-faced”. Now, Gearburn predicts what it will do for you – and to you – over the next few years.

1. Stop squabbling over patents, start building better phones
The last year has been an ugly mess of patent fights and sabre rattling – more recently breaking out into a full-scale shooting war of lawyers and injunctions. In the latest, HTC has just counter-sued Apple. The manufactures are mostly tit-for-tatting over software patents, those ridiculous monstrosities of failed policy.

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Now by buying Motorola, Google gets 17 000+ patents to its name. To an extent, this deal is pure Cold War nuclear warhead calculation — mutually assured destruction keeps everyone in check. My huge pile of patents vs your huge pile of patents.


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