Resistance 3: A fitting end to the fight?

The closing chapter of a trilogy is always the most important. If you botch the ending any goodwill you may have manufactured in the opening chapters are for naught. Just look at the Matrix trilogy if you want an example of how a weak ending can mess up a trilogy.

Unfortunately for the Resistance trilogy, as far as the narrative is concerned, this series is more Matrix than Lord of the Rings. Thankfully, games are more than just plot twists and mcguffins.

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Fight or Die

Resistance 3 stars Joe Capelli, who replaces previous franchise lead, Nathan Hale, for reasons that become abundantly clear in the game’s opening cinematic. The game starts some years after the events of Resistance 2. The Chimera have decimated 90 percent of the Earth’s population and the surviving populace exists literally as small underground communities, hiding themselves from Chimera patrols. Capelli, a former soldier in the fight against Chimera is now married with a son and has given up fighting, choosing to safeguard his family in the town of Haven, Oklahoma. That is until a Chimera patrol discovers the small town and Capelli is forced to lead a blistering evacuation of the town.


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