Twitter: Would the real Darren Scott please stand up?

When it was revealed that South African DJ Darren Scott had used the “K-wordafter losing his temper with a colleague, it became a globally trending topic on Twitter. A large portion of the anger on the social network was, however, directed at the wrong Darren Scott.

According to South African news site, News 24, much of the venom surrounding the incident was directed at @darren_scott, a British citizen and editor of Gay Times magazine.

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According to the report, Scott was shocked to find that he was trending on Twitter, with one of his tweets saying “I wondered if I’d died in my sleep”.

When Scott received a number of tweets calling him out for the actions of the former and Supersport presenter, he tweeted a response trying to set users right:

Scott has also used the incident to promote Gay Times, with the following tweet:

Another innocent Darren Scott, was also mistakenly attacked on the social network. This Scott is, coincidentally also a DJ. His show, however is on a regional station in the UK. This third Darren Scott had been silent on Twitter since mid-July.

The real Darren Scott at the centre of the scandal, meanwhile has used his @JustPlainTwit account to issue a statement of apology saying: “Dont try justify what I did. It was wrong, I know it, no matter what the circumstances. I am sorry that I offended so many, not just one.”

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