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Samsung takes a bite out of Apple with new ad campaign

Samsung has taken a jab at the cult of Apple with the latest US TV ad for its top-of-the-range Galaxy SII smartphone.

The South Korean tech giant’s ad features long queues of devoted iPhone fans waiting outside stores across the continental US for the latest iteration of their beloved device.

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As they wait, we are repeatedly told that there are only “nine hours to go” until the stores open and they can get their hands on the new device.

“I think two people just left,” a woman tells the man next to her.

“Why would they be leaving when we’re only nine hours away,” he replies.

The ad then goes on to mock a number of the issues reportedly experienced by iPhone4S users, including a buggy battery and the lack of 4G service.

Suddenly, people in the crowds across the country spot others using the Samsung Galaxy S-II. At this point it should be noted that, although the S-II has been available in other markets for some time, it has only just been launched in the States.

The video points out the SII’s larger, clearer screen as well as its 4G functionality.

“Can I see it with my hands?”, asks a man in one of the queues.

The ad goes on to mock a stereotypical Apple fan.

“I could never get a Samsung, I’m creative,” says a plaid shirt-wearing, bearded hipster.

“Dude you’re a barista,” says his friend in the queue next to him.

The ad takes one final stab at Apple with closing tagline: “The next big thing is already here”.

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