Aussie pop band brings popular games to life [Video]

A relatively unknown Australian indie-pop band called Hey Geronimo have brought their favourite iPhone games to life in a music video for the title song off their debut album ‘Why don’t we do something?’.

Some of the popular games featured in the video include Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Flight Control and Fruit Ninja. The band’s unique “real-life” version of these games is fast on its way to viral status on Youtube with almost 200 000 views in just a few days.

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The video opens with some of the band members sitting around a lounge. Another walks into the room, and shows off a new phone to his fellow musicians. “Hey guys! I got a game phone”, he says.

The band then embarks on a fun-filled adventure which sees them dressed as everything from Angry Birds to fruit-slicing ninjas, interacting with animated graphics instantly recognisable from these games.

The YouTube description of the video is apt, reading: “Ever wondered what your favourite iPhone games might look like in real life? Get ‘WHY DON’T WE DO SOMETHING?’ from iTunes now!”

The band members — Tony Garrett, Greg Chiapello, Pete Kilroy, Andrew Stone and Rosco Pearson — seem to identify themselves with a generation for whom the mobile gaming aspect of tech development is incredibly important.

The outfit is relatively new and only had 27 followers on Twitter at the time of writing. This video, however, is fast earning them global attention.

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